Want to Know Your Chances of Winning Benefits?

    You know you can’t work because of serious health problems. You’ve heard that Social Security Disability benefits provide a financial lifeline.

    Disability benefits give you monthly income and access to Medicare or Medicaid health coverage. When you’re struggling, that can be life-changing.

    First of all, you probably want to know: Do I have a case? And how do I qualify?

    Social Security has thousands of rules for deciding who qualifies for disability benefits.

    Most people get denied.

    You can start to see what you need to win benefits by understanding these main Social Security Disability qualifications:

    • You must have severe health problems.
    • Your health problems must leave you unable to work.
    • You must be unable to work in past jobs or any other job.
    • You’ve stopped working a substantial amount already.
    • Your condition has lasted, or will last, at least one year.
    • For Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you’ve paid enough into the system.
    • For Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, your income and assets fall under certain limits.

    Your medical evidence, showing how your health impairments limit your ability to work, will be crucial for showing Social Security that you meet the above points.

    You can get answers on your chances of winning Social Security Disability benefits from Disability Attorney Tim Geary and Geary Disability Law.

    For people in the Fox Valley and Northeast Wisconsin, we can discuss with you the factors that could shape your disability claim.

    Having this conversation—and getting started toward a more stable financial future—costs you nothing.

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    How Can I Tell If My Illness Qualifies for Disability Benefits?

    The severity of your symptoms and the impact they have on your ability to function are the most important elements of a Social Security Disability claim.

    Social Security maintains a list of impairments that can qualify you for benefits, along with guidelines on how to prove your case with each one.

    But you don’t have to have a particular diagnosis to receive benefits. Many different diseases and conditions can qualify.

    At Geary Disability Law, we see many people with these ailments, and more:

    Tell us about your medical struggles, and we can help you build a strong claim.

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    Evidence You Need for a Social Security Disability Claim

    You must prove that your condition, or combination of conditions, is severe enough to prevent you from working by submitting medical evidence such as the following:

    Reports from doctor exams

    • Results from medical tests
    • Medical imaging documents
    • Plans for treatment of your health problems
    • Reports on how your condition responds to treatment
    • Lists of prescriptions you take
    • Descriptions of the demands of your past jobs
    • Comments from people who personally know how your illness affects you

    Your proof of a serious medical condition, combined with details about your work history, give Social Security a picture of whether you could still work.

    Do your particular symptoms block you from doing the particular tasks required in jobs you’re qualified to hold?

    Your education background factors into it. So does your age. Your past income and contributions to Social Security are also among the qualifications.

    An experienced disability lawyer like Tim Geary—he’s helped thousands of people over more than 20 years—knows how to present your information in a way that makes your needs clear to Social Security.

    If you approach your disability application correctly, you could win benefits and get a sense of peace and independence back in your life.

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    Social Security Disability FAQs

    It’s only natural for you to have many questions when your life has been disrupted by health problems and you need financial assistance. Get started on your path forward with our answers to some of the questions we hear most often:


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