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    Can’t Work? Are You Looking for a Way Forward?

    What do you really need when serious health problems have forced you off work?

    Some financial relief.

    You worked hard. You paid taxes. Help should be available when your work is interrupted through no fault of your own.

    Social Security Disability benefits provide:

    • Monthly income assistance
    • Access to government-funded health care like Medicare & Medicaid

    But more than that, they provide stability, self-sufficiency, dignity.

    It’s just not simple to convince Social Security that you need benefits.

    They deny most people.

    But there is someone dedicated to your needs: the disability lawyers at Geary Disability Law.

    We’re an Appleton disability law firm for people across the Fox Valley, in Green Bay and throughout Northeast Wisconsin.

    From health care, paper products, manufacturing, retail or any other part of our economy, we know local people, local jobs and how to build your claim for benefits.

    We have over 20 years of experience helping thousands of people.
    In and around Appleton, let us help you.


    What You Need For Your Social Security Disability Application in Appleton

    Applying for Social Security Disability benefits means getting through a lot of legwork.

    But the way you’re feeling these days, this isn’t the time for more stress.

    Geary Disability Law lightens the load on you.

    For your disability claim, we can help with:

    • Gathering medical evidence from your treatment
    • Collecting details of your past jobs and what they required of you
    • Properly factoring in your age, education and financial situation
    • Getting statements from friends and family about how your impairments change your day-to-day life
    • Filling out forms
    • Helping with your application to begin with—some firms may tell you to apply on your own

    Qualifying for disability benefits means proving—not just saying—that you can’t work and make a substantial living, and it’s because of your health.

    Do you want a better idea of what to expect from your Social Security Disability claim in Appleton?

    It costs you nothing to start a conversation with us.

    Get My Free Case Consultation!

    Why Work with an Appleton Social Security Disability Lawyer

    For something as personal as severe health problems sidelining you from work, you shouldn’t have to go far for help.

    Getting a local, Appleton disability lawyer is a way to be sure a highly personal situation gets the personal attention you deserve.

    National disability law firms may try to get you to sign up, but working with them can feel like you’re a part on an assembly line.

    With Geary Disability’s Appleton law firm, you will get:

    • Knowledge of local health care services. (The evidence you need comes from your medical care.)
    • Knowledge of Wisconsin Social Security offices that process your claim.
    • Individual attention for your claim.
    • Someone to guide you through all the rules, forms and steps.
    • Ability to talk to your lawyer in person—in advance—to prepare for your hearing with a judge. (Some lawyers may only meet you the day of your hearing.)

    With Tim Geary by your side when you go to your disability hearing, you’re getting someone experienced with jury trials looking out for you.

    And a government study found that people who take a representative to their disability hearings are about three times more likely to be approved for benefits.

    You pay no fee until you win benefits.

    At Geary Disability Law, it’s our mission to help our Appleton neighbors hold on to some independence when times are tough.

    When you’re facing bad health and income loss, let us help you move forward.

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