What Form Could My Social Security Disability Hearing Take?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, if you were applying for Social Security Disability benefits and you needed to go to a hearing with a disability judge because your initial application was denied, you had two options for the format of your hearing: In person at a hearing office with an administrative law judge (ALJ) At a

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How Do The Medications I Take Affect My Social Security Disability Claim?

To win the financial (and stress) relief that comes with Social Security Disability benefits, you must prove that your health problems qualify—by providing medical evidence. A key part of that medical evidence is information about the medications you take for the health problems that keep you from working. At Geary Disability Law, we help people

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What Happens in Your Prehearing Conference with Your Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Although some people get their benefits granted right away, most people who apply for Social Security Disability are denied at both the initial application and reconsideration stages.    The next step in appealing a disability benefits denial is to request a hearing before a Social Security administrative law judge (ALJ). When you have a hearing coming

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