What Happens in Your Prehearing Conference with Your Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Although some people get their benefits granted right away, most people who apply for Social Security Disability are denied at both the initial application and reconsideration stages.    The next step in appealing a disability benefits denial is to request a hearing before a Social Security administrative law judge (ALJ). When you have a hearing coming

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These Are the 5 Key Steps in Getting Social Security Disability

Support from Social Security Disability changes your life when health problems have robbed you of your livelihood. But to make sure people who win benefits truly qualify for disability, the Social Security Administration (SSA) created thousands of rules to follow and multiple steps to get through. As a result, Social Security has its own special

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This May Be Why Social Security Disability Applications Are Delayed in Wisconsin

When you need Social Security Disability benefits—because your health is bad, you can’t work, and your financial situation is a mess—it’s an urgent situation. That’s why one of the first questions I hear from new clients as a disability lawyer is, “How long does it take to get Social Security Disability benefits?” Monthly checks to

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