Can I Work with Geary Disability Law by Telephone?

    Health problems can limit your ability to get around.

    But they shouldn’t limit your ability to work with your Social Security Disability lawyer, even when it’s hard to travel to a law office.

    These benefits are too important—providing monthly income and health-care support when you can’t work because of serious medical issues. Benefits provide the financial break you need to put your life back on steady ground.

    At Geary Disability Law, you can always start your case with a Social Security Disability consultation by phone. And you can reach Disability Attorney Tim Geary directly when needed.

    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we all learned more about working by phone or remotely in other ways. Geary Disability Law also adjusted our in-person meetings to maintain more physical distancing because of COVID-19.

    If you can’t work and need disability benefits, don’t hesitate because it’s hard to meet in person.

    Talk to us right away.

    In the Fox Valley and Northeast Wisconsin, we’ve helped thousands of people for over 20 years.

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    Starting Your Disability Claim by Phone

    When you have a medical problem, travel can be difficult.

    So how do you get out to meet a lawyer for your Social Security Disability benefits?

    I’m Tim Geary of Geary Disability Law.

    If health or transportation problems make it hard for you to get out, we can begin helping you over the phone.

    Even if you can’t come in, don’t go it alone. Together we’ll prepare your case to make sure you get the Social Security Disability benefits you deserve.

    Why You Want an In-Person Meeting with Your Disability Lawyer Whenever Possible

    At Geary Disability Law, although we believe in being flexible and working by phone when needed, we also want you to know you can benefit by meeting us in person.

    In fact, at a local Wisconsin disability law firm like ours, your opportunity to see your lawyer face-to-face can help your chances of winning disability benefits, especially after you’ve been denied and need to appeal.

    Here are a few reasons:

    • Meeting your disability lawyer before you speak to a disability judge is an important way to be well prepared for your hearing.
    • The fact that your lawyer will take the time to do this is a major reason to go with a local, community-minded disability law firm.
    • Sitting down and talking can lead to a longer, deeper discussion of your needs than a phone call.
    • There’s really no substitute for getting to know someone face-to-face.
    • At Geary Disability, we love meeting people and listening to their stories.

    The more your lawyer gets to know you, your health situation and your work status, the better your lawyer can explain your story to Social Security—and the more likely you are to win benefits.

    Have you ever wondered if you have a strong claim for benefits?

    You can get Geary Disability Law to provide an initial disability law consultation by telephone, at no cost to you.

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    What Geary Disability Law Does for You

    When you’re looking for a disability law firm, pay attention to whether you will have access to your lawyer.

    At Geary Disability Law, our legal team will help you start your initial application, but you can talk to Disability Attorney Tim Geary by phone if you have questions.

    And Tim insists on speaking directly with you before you have a hearing with a disability judge.

    At Geary Disability:

    • You’ll get someone who listens to you and understands your needs.
    • You’ll get help with your initial application for disability benefits or appealing a denial.
    • You’ll get someone to assist with filling out forms, gathering evidence and more.
    • You’ll be able to call your lawyer for a direct conversation.
    • Your lawyer will know local Wisconsin Social Security offices, disability judges, health clinics and doctors, which is an advantage for you.
    • You’ll be able to meet your lawyer in person to prepare for your disability hearing with a judge. In fact, we encourage it.
    • You’ll get well-informed advice on whether to bring a witness to your hearing.
    • You can take advantage of Tim Geary’s experience with jury trials, which makes him a strong advocate to have by your side in your disability hearing.

    When you’re wondering and worried about your disability claim, communication from your disability lawyer is important, whether it’s in person, on the phone or by email.

    Geary Disability fights to make sure your claim is as strong as possible. And we’ll keep you updated and informed about what’s going on with it.

    Let’s work together to bring you a brighter future.

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    Hear from a Geary Law Firm Client

    “I was denied multiple times. Once Attorney Geary stepped in, he won my case. I’m very, very pleased with the amount of time and effort they took on me and my case.”

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