Your Guide through the
    Social Security Disability Process

    Social Security Disability benefits can give you the financial backup you need to make it through a difficult time and move forward with your life.

    When you can’t work due to serious health problems, you could receive the following:

    • Monthly checks to help with your basic expenses
    • Eligibility for Medicare or Medicaid to cover your medical treatment

    These benefits give you financial relief, but the application process can be overwhelming. You’ve got forms to fill out. Medical evidence to submit. Rules and procedures to follow. Deadlines to meet.

    Remember, you’re not the first one going through this. You can get help from someone who knows how the process works:

    • Disability attorney Tim Geary has over 20 years of experience in Social Security Disability law.
    • Geary Disability Law has helped thousands of people.

    If you’re struggling with medical problems, job loss, and money worries in the Fox Valley and Northeast Wisconsin, go easy on yourself. Get Geary Disability Law to help.

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    Local Disability Attorney

    Before you choose someone to help with your Social Security Disability claim . . .

    Ask if the firm is in Wisconsin.

    Ask if your case will be handled by an attorney.

    Ask if your attorney will meet with you before the day of your hearing.

    Better yet, just ask for Geary Disability Law.

    I’m Tim Geary, a Social Security Disability attorney.

    If you can’t work, let us help.

    What You Get with Us: More About Geary Disability Law

    This is what it means to work with disability lawyer Tim Geary and the disability legal team at Geary Disability Law:

    • You’ll get someone who listens to you and understands your needs.
    • You can get help with your initial application for disability benefits or appealing a denial.
    • You’ll get someone to assist you in filling out forms, gathering evidence and more.
    • You’ll get a firm where you can talk directly with your lawyer.
    • Your lawyer will know local Wisconsin Social Security offices, disability judges, health clinics and doctors.
    • You’ll always be able to meet your lawyer in person to prepare for your disability hearing with a judge.
    • You’ll get help determining whether you should bring a witness to your hearing.
    • You can take advantage of Tim Geary’s experience with jury trials, which makes him a strong advocate to have by your side in a disability hearing.

    Even though you know you can’t work—and that you deserve financial support created specifically to help people in your situation—most people get denied Social Security Disability benefits.

    Social Security has thousands of rules. It can take a team to successfully secure these life-changing benefits.

    Geary Disability Law could be your team.

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    Meet Tim Geary

    Tim Geary is an experienced Social Security Disability attorney who knows what methods work for winning benefits. And he’s not just the face of the law firm. Every client can speak to him directly.

    Hear from a Geary Law Firm Client

    “I was denied multiple times. Once Attorney Geary stepped in, he won my case. I’m very, very pleased with the amount of time and effort they took on me and my case.”

    Dawn Jarvis in Google Reviews


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