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    Unable to Work? Do You Need Some Financial Relief?

    How much better would you feel if you could get income assistance when you face serious medical problems and missed paychecks?

    Social Security Disability benefits provide monthly payments and qualify you for Medicare health coverage. With these benefits, you can avoid borrowing money from family, and you can rest easier knowing how you’ll put food on the table.

    The problem is that most people are denied.

    What can you do?

    Whether you’re applying for the first time, or appealing a denial, talk to Geary Disability Law.

    Wisconsin Social Security Disability Lawyer Tim Geary deals with the Social Security process every day. He knows what helps—and what doesn’t help—your benefits claim.

    He also takes the time to get to know you and understand your needs. Tim personally works with every client.

    Our entire legal team wants to see you regain stability in your life in times when you can’t work due to bad health.

    If you live in the Fox Valley or across Northeast Wisconsin, get in touch with us today.

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    Types of Social Security Disability Benefits We Can Help You Win

    When you can’t work—and the reason is debilitating health problems—the Social Security Administration (SSA) runs two disability benefits programs that could apply to you:

    • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): You qualify for these benefits by working and paying Social Security taxes. It’s a type of insurance coverage. If you’re not retirement age, but health problems are blocking you from continuing to work, SSDI is supposed to be there to help you. It provides monthly checks partly based on your recent earnings and Medicare eligibility.
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI): If you haven’t been able to work much for a long time, and your health keeps you from working, you could qualify for SSI. This is a financial assistance program for people with limited incomes and resources. It provides monthly checks at a flat rate set by the government, along with Medicaid eligibility.

    One of the first things you might wonder is whether you have a strong case for benefits.

    At Geary Disability Law, we can help you determine your options, including whether SSDI or SSI is best for you.

    It doesn’t cost you anything for an initial consultation on your claim.

    Why You Should Work with Geary Disability Law

    Your situation is personal. When you struggle with health, the inability to work, and money worries, it’s all personal.

    You deserve personal attention and assistance from someone with real experience helping people.

    At Geary Disability Law:

    • Disability Attorney Tim Geary has been helping people win benefits for over 20 years.
    • Tim and our legal team have helped thousands of people.
    • He has significant trial experience that makes him a powerful advocate if you have a disability hearing with a judge.
    • You’ll get help determining whether you need to bring a witness to your hearing.
    • You will always have the chance to meet with Tim personally before your hearing.
    • We’re Wisconsinites, dedicated to people in Wisconsin. We don’t treat you like a number.

    This is not a time to take chances with your financial future.

    Disability benefits could give you the break you need to get your life in order.

    Get help from someone who’s both caring and capable.

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    Meet Tim Geary

    Tim Geary is an experienced Social Security Disability attorney who knows what methods work for winning benefits. And he’s not just the face of the law firm. Every client can speak to him directly.

    Hear from a Geary Law Firm Client

    “I was denied multiple times. Once Attorney Geary stepped in, he won my case. I’m very, very pleased with the amount of time and effort they took on me and my case.”

    Dawn Jarvis in Google Reviews


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