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    When chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) makes every breath a struggle, working for a living may be out of reach. Social Security Disability benefits can be a lifeline that gives you the space you need to improve your life.

    These benefits provide monthly payments and access to Medicaid or Medicare, stabilizing your finances and clearing a path toward a healthier life.

    Social Security, however, requires you to meet specific qualifications and these can be hard to prove.

    Above all, you must show your COPD prevents you from working. If you can’t do this, Social Security is likely to deny your claim.

    An experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can be the ally you need.

    Geary Disability Law has helped thousands of people win benefits in Green Bay, Appleton, the Fox Valley and Northeast Wisconsin.

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    How to Prove Severe COPD Qualifies You for Disability Benefits

    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease affects millions of Americans and can be caused by pollution, exposure to noxious gasses or smoking. It’s progressive, meaning it will continue to worsen over time.

    COPD comes in different forms—such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis. It restricts your airways and saps your strength.

    The most common symptoms of COPD, according to the American Lung Association, include chronic coughing, shortness of breath, phlegm or mucus production, chest tightness and fatigue.

    Proving you have COPD for the purposes of getting disability benefits requires extensive testing by your doctor, who will evaluate:

    • Your airflow
    • How well your lungs filter different gasses
    • The level of oxygen and other gasses in your blood and your hemoglobin
    • How your lungs perform while you’re resting and exercising

    To win your claim, you may be required to provide the results of these tests and other medical evaluations, including:

    • X-rays of your lungs
    • Physical exams
    • Lab tests
    • Your medical history, including hospitalizations
    • The impact of treatments you’ve undertaken

    Every case is different and you may not need all this information to win your case, but you still must prove you can’t work and that your condition has progressed to severe or very severe stages.

    An experienced disability lawyer can collect the evidence and organize it in the best way to tell your story to Social Security. To learn more about how this process works, contact Geary Disability Law today.

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    Can it Be Difficult to Win Social Security Disability Benefits for COPD?

    To win your disability claim, you must prove COPD keeps you from working. But COPD is common enough that many effective treatments exist.

    Your doctor may get you the medication and therapy you need to manage your condition and live a close-to-normal life. That’s wonderful, but could mean Social Security will deny your case.

    You don’t have to let them dismiss you outright, though. There may be more you can show Social Security and still be approved for financial relief.

    Social Security, in fact, denies most first-time claims—up to 80 percent—for all kinds of health problems. People typically need to appeal denials to get benefits.

    An experienced disability lawyer can be vital for both filing and combating a denied claim by finding those key factors in your case that can win you the benefits you deserve. These can include:

    • Your “residual functional capacity,” which is the limit of any work you can do with whatever medical impairments you have. This assessment can be based on your medical records as well as statements from friends and family.
    • Your age, which Social Security weighs when determining if you could do different kinds of work from what you’ve done in the past, even with your condition.
    • And whether you have other medical conditions that, when combined with COPD, rule out working.

    COPD can leave you deflated, physically and financially. Under that kind of stress, it can seem overwhelming to figure out a massive government system like Social Security.

    If you live in Wisconsin, Geary Disability Law is here for you.

    Our compassionate, determined team of disability lawyers knows how to approach disability claims for COPD, so you can get back to what matters most: caring for your health.

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    Social Security Disability FAQs

    It’s only natural for you to have many questions when your life has been disrupted by health problems and you need financial assistance. Get started on your path forward with our answers to some of the questions we hear most often:


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