Are You Looking for Options on Disability Benefits in Wisconsin?

    Carpal tunnel syndrome—that numbness, tingling and loss of use of your hands, wrists and up your arms—is a common experience for American workers. The American Medical Association estimated 10 million people have it.

    So if you’re trying to keep working, but carpal tunnel syndrome keeps getting in the way, can you get economic relief from Social Security Disability benefits, and a chance to rest and recover?

    It’s complicated.

    Social Security keeps a list of impairments that qualify for disability benefits. Carpal tunnel isn’t on the list.

    Social Security Disability claims examiners may well decide your carpel tunnel on its own isn’t serious enough to get benefits. To be approved, you must be almost completely unable to work and unable to recover for at least a year.

    But carpal tunnel is often treatable, allowing people to resume working, so the chance of a benefits denial is high.

    You still have options, though. You can take into account your overall health condition, your work history, your age and more, and win benefits even though carpel tunnel isn’t specifically recognized by Social Security Disability.

    You may need help from an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer.

    Wisconsinites can talk to disability attorney Tim Geary of Geary Disability Law, who has helped thousands of people in in Fox Valley and Northeast Wisconsin. You pay no attorney fee until you win benefits.

    Read on for more on what you can do to get Social Security Disability for carpal tunnel syndrome. Or get in touch now to talk it over with us.

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    Social Security Disability for Carpal Tunnel: Measuring What You Can Do

    When you’re trying to get disability benefits, it helps to have a medical condition that’s on Social Security’s listing of impairments (unlike carpal tunnel). But it’s not required.

    As Social Security tries to decide whether your health problems warrant disability benefits, it will also look at your basic ability to function regardless of your medical diagnosis.

    For carpal tunnel or any other health problem that’s not on the list, you can seek what’s called a “medical vocational allowance.”

    To decide on a medical vocational allowance, Social Security will take a measure of your fundamental capabilities in a work setting that it calls your “residual functional capacity,” or RFC.

    You’ll need to work with doctors to get the information for your RFC rating, such as assessments of these areas:

    • Your ability to feel and grip objects
    • Your ability to handle and move small objects
    • Your ability to reach for things
    • The amount of weight you can lift
    • How well you can carry things
    • Your ability to push and pull equipment or controls
    • How well you can handle ladders, ramps and stairs
    • Whether you can kneel, crouch or crawl
    • How heat, cold, moisture and other environmental factors affect you
    • Your ability to stand and walk
    • How well you can sit for sustained periods
    • Your vision, hearing and speaking ability
    • Your mental ability to keep up with tasks and work with others

    Another test Social Security will run is to plug your age, your training and your past work experiences into a chart to judge how likely you’d be able to do a different job if your carpal tunnel syndrome truly blocks you from your current job.

    They make this such an involved process because they’re trying to prevent people who don’t deserve it from getting disability benefits.

    It’s much easier if you work with a Social Security Disability attorney who makes sure you have all the correct materials for your disability claim.

    At Geary Disability Law, you can start with a free conversation about your situation and your next move.

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    A Good Option for Disability Benefits for Carpal Tunnel: Showing Your Overall Health Picture

    It’s not as though you must have one specific qualifying medical condition, and only that one, to get approved for disability benefits.

    A combination of multiple health challenges makes for a stronger case. Social Security must consider every ailment you face that limits your ability to work.

    In fact, with a problem like carpal tunnel, showing how it fits into an overall picture of health struggles may be your best path toward disability benefits.

    The American Medical Association even says other chronic conditions may play a role in carpal tunnel, including:

    These health issues are specifically mentioned in Social Security’s listing of impairments for disability benefits, which includes guidelines on how to qualify for benefits with each one.

    Talk to a Wisconsin disability lawyer with knowledge of multiple medical conditions and what you need in your disability claim. Having a lawyer can increase your chances of winning benefits.

    Geary Disability Law is here for people in Green Bay, Appleton, and all surrounding communities.

    When you can’t work because you’re physically blocked by carpal tunnel syndrome, disability benefits can go a long way to relieve your stress. Let’s get started.

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    Social Security Disability FAQs

    It’s only natural for you to have many questions when your life has been disrupted by health problems and you need financial assistance. Get started on your path forward with our answers to some of the questions we hear most often:

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