This May Be Why Social Security Disability Applications Are Delayed in Wisconsin

When you need Social Security Disability benefits—because your health is bad, you can’t work, and your financial situation is a mess—it’s an urgent situation. That’s why one of the first questions I hear from new clients as a disability lawyer is, “How long does it take to get Social Security Disability benefits?” Monthly checks to

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Can I Still Get Disability Benefits if I Tried to Work But Had to Stop?

Social Security Disability benefits were created to provide support if you can’t work due to serious health problems, and you’re not retirement age yet. When your income stops, disability benefits help you stay afloat. This is meant to fill a gap for people who worked and paid into the Social Security system but have to

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What Is a Social Security Disability Freeze?

Your Social Security retirement or disability benefit amounts are based on your earnings—what you pay into the Social Security system while working. So when you have an interruption in your work, it reduces Social Security’s calculation of how much you’ll get in benefits. But what happens when you can’t work through no fault of your

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