Can an Employer Ask for Proof of a Disability?

Federal law includes different kinds of protections for people with disabilities. If health problems stop you from working before you reach retirement age, there is Social Security Disability  Social Security Disability benefits provide monthly income and access to Medicare health coverage, so you can support yourself when you can’t work. But you also might have

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How Does Social Security Decide if My Health Problems Qualify for Disability Benefits

Under federal law, Social Security evaluates whether or not you have a health condition that qualifies for disability benefits by applying a FIVE-PART TEST. Aside from Step 3, you must pass each test to win benefits, which provide monthly income and Medicare or Medicaid health coverage when you can’t work. If you miss one of

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Do I Need To Call Witnesses For My Social Security Disability Hearing?

At your Social Security Disability hearing, you will get the opportunity to call witnesses to present testimony on your medical condition. Although you are entitled to call witnesses, it’s generally not necessary. The reason is simple. Unlike other types of cases where you would naturally want to call witnesses to corroborate what you are saying,

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