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Social Security Disability Rule #3: Answer Questions From Social Security

When you’re applying for disability, make sure to fill out all the forms thoroughly. When you’re appealing a denial and talking to a disability judge, always answer questions completely and directly. Your lawyer can help.

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Social Security Disability Rule #2: Always Be Courteous, Cooperative And Compliant With Your Treatment Providers

You need strong medical evidence for a successful Social Security Disability claim. So it’s important to maintain positive relationships with the medical providers who create that evidence. Disability attorney Tim Geary has seen this firsthand.

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Social Security Disability Rule #1: Always Present Yourself In An Honest And Accurate Manner

Providing an honest and accurate description of your health problems is important to winning Social Security Disability benefits. Exaggerating or overstating your medical conditions can sink your disability application, leaving you without benefits even if you qualify for them.

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